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What We Do

Lifespan Closets™ is a US Midwestern Company that manufactures versatile, high-quality and affordable closet and shelving systems for unlimited residential and commercial applications. The strength and simplicity of its materials and design make it easy to redefine, reorganize, and add value to your residential or commercial space.

Lifespan Closets™ are designed to meet your family’s or business’s ever-changing needs. They have the storage solutions that you require – whether you’re reclaiming space in an existing home or building new. The system is created to allow you the versatility to change your spaces wherever and whenever you need.

Our Process

  • Space

  • Design

  • Review

  • Install

Our design process starts with understanding your space -  we custom design to fit any wall in your house. With our 3D rendering software we can actually submit to you a full 360 degree mach up of what your closet will be transformed into. Or, you can design it yourself under our "design it" tab above, call today for a free demonstration or walk through.  From wall to wall, we want to help you maximize your space's potential. We'll make sure you don’t lose your good hand towels in a shelf too deep; we'll keep your dress pants pressed and organized, but with a quick iron from one of our hidden ironing board modules, you'll be wrinkle free in no time.  No more hangers preventing you from entering your closet!  We provide helpful tips and measurements to make sure your space meets its fullest potential. So call or click today to start your very own custom Lifespan Closets project... 


With our easy design software our customer can fully customize what they want. Allowing us to conform the customers specific or specialized needs, with custom cut lengths and widths that will fit any space. In our online designer you can view many different types of shelving options, add drawers, doors, or clothing hampers, check out our shoe orginanizers, jewlery tray inserts and much much more. However, you certainly are not limited to what you see offered, let your imagination run wild, and we'll try to keep up. Start by selecting a name for your closet, material color or texture, then just start adding unit options to each wall. Again, you are not limited to only such options, however, they are shown in standard sizes' and custom measurements will take longer to deliver. Not only do we have our own built in design program, but here at Lifespan we also use a highly developed rendering software called 20/20 which retailers can use to your benefeit. 



After submitting your design for order, our pros will send you an easy to review quote. At which time, we will also provide feedback to help you avoid any potential issues with your design, making sure you get the items you want. Once your're order is submitted, we start by making you're project custom piece by custom piece right here in house. It is carefully inspected & packaged up, and sent to you as quickly and efficently as possible. 



Here at Lifespan our patent pending  Wedge Rail system quickly and easily lets you mount and install your new closet system in just a few simple steps. From there you can customize just exactly where you want that shelf, or how high your hanging rods should be. Everything is fully adjustable and designed to be reconfigured at any time. Head over to our products tab to find helpful videos, and downloadble manuals to assist you in installing your lifespan closets system today - 


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