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About Us

Lifespan Closets™ has been in business for over 10 years, and proudly manufactures its quality product in Duluth, Minnesota, USA.
In addition to our online design-it-yourself software, we also do in-house designing, catering to your needs with standard or custom applications. We recently added a new line of textured and colored melamine options to really make your shelving solution stand out. Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can add style to your closets and increase the efficiency of your space.


Am I going to get professional results if I install it myself?

Yes, Lifespan Closets has made it so simple with our patents pending system that virtually everyone can install our products and get professional results. The wedgerail hanging system is screwed into the existing studs in the wall and the rest is up to your imagination. And the great thing is if you want to change it, simply move it anywhere on the wedgerails.

All the closet systems I have seen are permanently installed. Is yours?

Definitely not! The great thing about Lifespan Closets is that you can change your closets as your lifestyle changes. The innovative design allows you to hang the closets simply and easily.

As a contractor, my time is valuable to me and my customers. Can I install this as quickly as wire shelving?

Yes, you can! In fact many contractors install it faster than wire shelving. You simply install our patent pending wedgerail, that can be cut easily with a power saw, and then hang the components. It’s that simple. No tools are needed once the wedgerail is properly installed. The wedgerail is an engineered wood millwork designed to enhance the appearance of the wall while making it simple to attach cabinets and closets to the wall.

What do you mean by surprisingly affordable?

Lifespan Closets are actually one of the best kept secrets in the marketplace. Lifespan Closets are more cost effective than adjustable wire shelving, with easier installation, better versatility, and no damage to your walls, unlike the holes you will have throughout your closets with fixed wire shelving.


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