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Three popular closet designs

Before purchasing your custom closet designed, you need to be aware of the closet designs that are trending presently. To help know more about these designs, we discuss the features of three popular designs. 1)    Walk-in closets As the name suggests, their primary feature is to allow the individuals to go into the closet. The […]

Tips for organizing closet of your kids

Organizing your kids’ closet is often more challenging than arranging your own. To ensure that the closet of your kids remains clutter free, and they use it with without any struggle, follow these closet organization tips: Use bungee cords You can utilize bungee cords for holding sports equipment and toys in a single place. These […]

Custom closet means flexibility!

Our lifestyle changes rapidly. This directly impacts the choices we make stuff in our homes. It is evident that change in tastes requires you to alter the décor and furniture of your home. Buying new furniture is not always the feasible option. If you are using custom closets, you don’t have to purchase new ones […]

Dealer Features

If you are a current dealer with lifespan closets; you can now login and download our very own 20/20 catalog. For those dealers who do not have the upgraded copy of 20/20 closet design program an older version of our catalog is available upon request. Just contact our information department at today and […]

Feng Shui tips you can apply to your closet

From helping one have good social relationships to enhancing personal health, there are various things Feng Shui is associated with. You can also apply these techniques while arranging your closet. Here’s how…. Make sure it’s clean Start by emptying your closet. This should be followed by dusting it thoroughly. Also, clean the walls and sweep […]

Tips for making your bedroom a cozy and stress-free space

Coming back to your bedroom after a stressful day is the best feeling in the world. You can modify your bedroom to enjoy this feeling to the fullest. Here we discuss some tips to attain a cozier and stress-free version of your bedroom. Choose soothing colors We are not talking about just the walls. Make […]

Why is closet organization necessary?

In our previous posts, we have discussed how to organize closets efficiently. So, why is this practice so important? We have tried to answer this question by discussing several factors here. Save a lot of time Time is the most precious life asset. Wasting it on finding the clothing or related stuff is something everyone […]

Common mistakes related to organizing stuff in your small closet

There are several organization mistakes committed by individuals while using small closets. We are here to offer some tips on how to avoid these errors. Well, our first advice would be to get a new one, perhaps a custom closet, which offers ample storage. If you want to use your existing closet, then avoid these […]

Why should you go for custom closets?

If you purchase a closet from a showroom, the chances are that it may not fulfill all your needs. This is because the readymade closets are made using a prototype, and every individual has its unique needs. This is where the custom closet systems come into the picture. They not only help you organize your […]

How to organize the clothes when you are sharing the closets?

For some, organizing the closets is a challenging task. But if we are talking about sharing the closets, the hassles are further increased. To effectively organize the clothes while sharing the closets, follow these tips. Clarify the amount of space you need This becomes more important when you are about to move into an existing […]

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